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Tom Rovak tomrovak
Thu Dec 25 07:38:28 GMT 2003

Stefan & Bob

Excellent points! I have been asked after-the -fact as well,  but never before. I would love to have a little more communication with the people at daVinci. But in my world the hours I ussually have for any communication are very late at night (after working all day), as I'm sure all my collegues out there can agree. Any time I have to call the good people at daVinci between the hours of 7:00am and 8:00pm the circumstances are ussually less than cheerfull. After hours e-mail communication is my best chance to talk (as I am writing this at 1:29am ct on Christmas morning).

I would also like to add Jim Mackrell, Tony Fox, and of course Peter Glassberg to your list of "beyond the call of duty" daVinci folks. When all said and done I think daVinci overall does a great job, and the products they make are the best in the business. I just wouldn't mind helping to make them a little better, and a little more customized to the way each individual likes to work.

Happy and Safe Holidays to you all!!!

Tom Rovak
tomrovak at ameritech.net
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