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Adrian Thomas adrian
Thu Dec 25 15:00:10 GMT 2003

On Dec 24, 2003, at 16:26, Steve Shaw wrote:

> Ok, here's something a bit more interesting.
> I'm attempting to research the capabilities of the human eye with 
> respect to
> resolution...
> From what I can find is seems that the average human eye can see a 
> maximum
> separation of 1 arc minute per line pair to visualise point separation.
> So, this suggests that an average cinema with a viewing angle of 30 
> degrees
> from the best seat in the house (as seems to be the normal SMPTE spec) 
> would
> require 30x60/1=1800 pixels to match the maximum resolution of the 
> human
> eye.
> Is this correct? Seems a bit too simple to me.

Dr Attridge always assured us at university that the accepted figure 
was something like 13 lines pairs per degree over the foveal region. 
Having stated that, we never performed any human vision resolution 
experiments, but I'd be pretty confident in that figure if Dr Attridge 
is! Obviously, phosphene noise affects this figure at lower levels of 

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