[Tig] from the professional lightning rod...

John Frey jwfrey
Tue Feb 25 16:55:03 GMT 2003

Tiggers, all:

I'm sorry to have catalyzed so much flaming from my recdent posts - I seem to do this for a living, and fortunately, I am made of the best amalgam of Teflon and asbestos.  It's one of the problems with taking a line or two from a post out of context, and
running with it: sometimes one runs right off the cliff

In any case, I was only trying to stimulate some alternative thinking both from the design engineering, and the user/creative perspective.  There are myriad ways to solve problems, and becoming too hidebound or moribund is counterproductive for all
concerned.  Finally, it isn't a good idea to tell everyone else what they can't or should't do - they may do it anyway.  Why not share information, and learn from others experiences, rather than trying to stop them from thinking?

BTW, on the analog/digital front:  At one point I hooked a good multisync monitor up to the colorgrade output of a Rank IIIC, bypassing the digital  (You have to fool with the scans, and use a couple of pulse generators to fix the sync)  The pictures were
stunning.  It was like the veil being lifted the eyes.  No wonder the Brits always said the Jumpscan machines looked pretty good...


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