[Tig] the lighter side of board swapping

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I agree that board swapping can be a useful tool in the engineer's "bag O tricks".  However, this still requires a fair bit of knowledge and caution.  I'm sure we all know someone who has "Spread the Cancer", using board swapping techniques.  Furthermore, I don't think there is a telecine engineer that hasn't prayed to the Rank ( insert problematic company here) at one time or another.  However, when things get REAL bad, I prefer the rubber chicken approach.  Simple place your rubber chicken on top of the problematic equipment and go get a cup of coffee.  The results can amaze you.

Disclaimer: I am not currently nor have I ever been employed by the rubber poultry industry nor am I a member of any black magic union.

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  As the recent disscussion on board swapping has been quite intense, i thought i might recount a practice from my time working with Mr. Dave Best at Post Perfect. When ever a DaVinci would crash 'badly', and wouldn't come back after a re-boot and power cycle, Dave would take out the boards and wave them in the air and pray to the DaVinci Gods! This was a last resort you understand, but without fail the mainframe fired up as if nothing had been wrong and you got on with the days work. First time he did it i thought he'd lost his mind, but there was no denying the results. It was probably just the re-seating of the boards and the air-flow over the chips that did the trick, but can we really be so sure - it may be a digital world but not everything in it is a one or a zero ;)

  Disclaimer - Dave Best is a fantastic telecine engineer and i hope this is in no way embarassing, as it high lights lateral thinking and a great sense of humour. Cheers Dave! 

  Dave Gibson, Freelance Colourist, London 

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