[Tig] discreet's color corrector

Michael Most mmost
Wed Feb 26 17:35:38 GMT 2003

On Wednesday, February 26, 2003, at 06:21  PM, Doug Shannon wrote:

> He's referring to what used to be 5D Colossus, which has been picked 
> up by
> discreet and is allegedly to be relaunched at NAB.

 From what I've heard, that is not correct. Discreet did not purchase 
any Colossus technology when it purchased 5D's assets. The Colossus 
product was not owned by 5D, it is owned by Colorfront and was licensed 
to 5D. Discreet's purchase included much of the Cyborg technology, a 
completely different product. Its software based color correction 
device is a product developed by Discreet internally, and will likely 
be shown at NAB, as they have already talked about it informally.

Mike Most
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