[Tig] discreet's color corrector

Dick Hobbs dick
Wed Feb 26 17:44:42 GMT 2003

Michael Most is, understandably, confused by Discreet's position.

At the time it bought some of the 5D assets Discreet made a strong statement
to the effect that it had no interest in the colour corrector because it had
developed its own.

Then a month later it announced that it had done a deal with the Hungarian
company Colorfront, developers of what we used to call Colossus, to make the
colour corrector a Discreet product. Discreet has the exclusive rights to
flog the colour processor (the 5D deal was non-exclusive).

At the time of that announcement Discreet said that it had no intention of
porting it from Windows to SGI, but it may be that I have missed another
U-turn from them.



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