[Tig] discreet's color corrector- From fxguide.com (long)

Doug Shannon dshannon
Wed Feb 26 18:00:24 GMT 2003

Fair enough. I just couldn't see a suitable extract from the piece that
would sum it up.

For what it's worth, we run Colorfront on our discreet systems and it's a
fine bit of software for our requirements.

My apologies.

Doug Shannon
National film and Television School

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It's enough to post a link to a apropos topic on the web. It's also 
fine to quote a short, succinct extract from a release or article. On 
the TIG, we'd prefer you not copy an entire article into your post as a 
way of respecting other site's content and to keep down the size of the 
post. We also recommend that you edit the reply quote to the essence of 
the matter, for the same reasons.

But thanks for the link, it's interesting. I was present at a meeting 
with discreet last year when they were developing the specifications 
for the color correction application. What we took away with us was the 
realtime versus resolution choice discreet were forcing us to consider. 

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