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Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Thu Feb 27 21:12:10 GMT 2003

>> A colorist teaming up with their clients right there with them, needs to have
>> quick access to the original images, and then needs to effortlessly zip the
>> enhanced ones to the next person(s) who needs to work with
>Seems that the Spirit2 will be the machine for you:
>2K and 4K, new CCD line imager,
>less electronic circuitry
>(so, less expensive machine than the Spirit1)...
>The non-destructive moving around imagery you are
>describing is what they are aiming at.
>I hope (for them) they are now reading
>your futurist and very interesting mail.
JP- (hope you don't mind my sending this to the whole TIG)

 From what I've heard Spirit2 will actually be more expensive... But everything usually gets plus expensive in the telecine/color business...

I agree though, that scanning to "data" and then sending that "image data" around for color, fx, assembly etc. is the future.  Just getting a "data scanner" is the easy part and some would say it exists now in several forms.  What I'm really looking for, also sort of already exists (DDRs even fancy ones like Spector), but it's a newer "moving-images server" based way of working which includes the hardware (a server) and more importantly some sort of "common image data format" that different platforms whether they're "hardware" based of "software" based can work on and send about (for ALL resolutions not just the big ones for D.I.)...

What I'm really wondering isn't necessarilly even "future"...  I can't understand why it's so hard to have a "data images" server for moving-pictures that can supply images to me in color (recordable from a TK even) and that I can when done coloring, IMEDIATELY send these images to my guys in discreet-land (we have fire & smoke; not endorsing discreet).  Of course this data needs to be viewable on a montior, processable by the color system, and well as recordable on existing VTRs ('cause they can't be replaced over-night and tape will probably be necessary for long-term storage).  Obviously there's no simple definition for "image data."  And the data representing images will need to be in MANY forms/"formats."  But, "we" pretty much "know" the "discreet form" for say "601 image data," but yet I can't get a cost-effective solution for working in this "format" work-flow-wise (discreet has been stingy keeping image data in "proprietary" form)...  And for some reason, computers, disk drives and thier interconnectivity have seemed to be more expensive than "VTRs" & cabling for moving-images including "lowly 601."  So, we use tape to move "image data" --"610 video" around (and occasionally ethernet from "video DDRs").  Neither is as efficient as is should be.  Remember, solutions need to also be "cost effective!"


Greg Dildine
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