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Fri Feb 28 01:34:00 GMT 2003

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> I remember the TOPSY used three joysticks, with a master level knob at
> the top of each stick, allowing you to set master levels whilst [note
> britspeak] balancing primaries.? This allowed for four separate 
> simultaneous
> adjustments!

If anyone is curious about this, I can send you a picture of the Amigo I am 
still using to this day...for the money, it works just fine, even for 
scene-to-scene.   It won't be replaced for such work until I can find a new 
software based SD system with scene detection and a better control surface 
than a mouse for under 20K.     Crappy mouse control aside, none of the 
inexpensive solutions from Avid or Apple are going to be worth looking at 
until scene detection is added.      

Jim Erickson
Erickson Archival Telecine, LLC

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