[tig] technique shared

Mellissa Manzagol Mellissa
Thu Jul 31 20:26:33 BST 2003

I did that last night.  Two shots in a spec commercial had color reflection
coming in from the side, the offending practical revealed in a later shot
and corrected, then this correction being used in the earlier scene,
slightly modified to fit.  I do that frequently, especially when the
geography of the scene is not fully revealed in the first shots.

Los Angeles, CA

On 7/31/03 8:37 AM, "Rob Lingelbach" <rob at colorist.org> wrote:
> skip over the
> scene that is giving me problems and return to it later.
> I'm curious to hear if other colorists do this.  It also
> allows me to apply, later retrspectively, other corrections
> in a larger 'library' of settings to the scene in question.  

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