[tig] HDTV colour

Craig Nichols cnichols
Thu Jul 31 21:48:32 BST 2003

I've also had the confusing experience of interpreting the complex pockets
of color/numbering/nomenclature schemes left as a legacy by various regimes.
I have seen some facilities with the equivalent of "War and Peace" printed
on the label, and others with only sticky residue from long gone tape

The most common time I've seen the benefit of color schemes is when people
decide to play musical machines (always moving equipment) and you have a
harness with a plethora of wires, hard to read labels, and a limited amount
of change out time.  Consistent color schemes can be helpful in this
instance.  Whatever the scheme, simplicity and consistency are important.
I'm reminded to "K.i.s.s" (Keep it simple stupid). ;-}

Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Management Services Hollywood

Martin wrote:

 From what I've seen the complex color/numbering/nomenclature schemes become
isolated to pockets within a facility that were done by the regime that
demanded that scheme.  <snip>
So, the real question is, over the lifetime of a system, what are the true
advantages of implementing such complexity in the wiring system?  

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