[tig] More Viper Stuff

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Tue Jul 1 22:17:02 BST 2003

Michael Most wrote:

>> There's virtually nothing a filter can
>> do that you couldn't do with LUT/digital processing after the fact.

> Provided none of the channels (i.e., the blue channel) have been
overdriven (i.e., clipped) in the original photography. A daylight
color correction filter can help to prevent that while still allowing
you to use more of the available dynamic range.

Right, that's a given.  Digital processing requires usable data.

Notice that prior to that I said that I disagreed with the "always" part of
the filtering statement.  I didn't say that you should never use filters.
Is it fair to say that, for most shooting conditions, filters might not be
required except for creative reasons?

If the lighting is so skewed that premature channel clipping might be of
concerned, sure, use filters or try to affect the lighting if possible.

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