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Wed Jul 2 01:58:12 BST 2003

All this tech talk about more bits, but then talking of resolution is a tad
confusing. The only reason to have more bits is to better represent a full
DR equiv. to 2.0 density (something like 11 stops). That gives the .CIN
density per sample map of 0.002 which ensures a smooth 'grey scale'. 

8 bits on a computer monitor is no problem as the DR is very restricted (4

Resolution is required for image detail and I am more than happy with 2K,
as my DI paper shows.

The Dalsa has more 'bit' samples as it has a wider DR than Viper.

And pre-filtering of the Viper in daylight conditions is required to
prevent the need to do loads of LUT based processing in Post. I still agree
with the 'do it in camera' approach if at all possible.

And while we are talking about CCDs, what about a camera with the
Favion(SP?) chip? This is the only co-sited CCD on the market as although
The Dalsa used the 'Bayer' patern the Viper's RGB cells are not co-sited.
All I was pointing out is that there are a lot of technological changes

Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis

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