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Jeff Kreines jeffkreines
Wed Jul 2 15:18:43 BST 2003

On Wednesday, July 2, 2003, at 03:44 AM, Adrian Thomas wrote:

> ..and then what about Fuji's new "HR" Super CCD? This seems to me like 
> a very interesting approach to white clipping. Anyone know if it's 
> applicable to motion pictures in it's current form?

They appear to only be designing versions for still use at present.  
Remember, the cine industry isn't very attractive to CCD makers as it's 
a pretty tiny market.  Arri just announced the sale of the 1000th Arri 
435 camera (over several years).  How many high end digital cinema 
cameras might get sold?  These will obviously be based on several 
different chips from different manufacturers, for both technical and 
NIH reasons.  So it's not a huge market.  Dalsa, a chipmaker (having 
bought Philips' fab) doesn't plan to sell their new CCD to other 
manufacturers, but hopes to sell a camera system (Dalsavision) based on 
their chip instead.

Look at Sony.  They aren't in the HDCam business for digital cinema.  
They were assuming that, once HDTV became commonplace, every TV station 
the world over will have to buy their cameras.  To them, that was the 
reason to be in this business.  A few hundred cameras sold over a few 
years isn't going to cover their R&D.  (Of course, they may well have 
invested badly -- time will tell.)

Jeff Kreines

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