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Subject: Aaton Keylink and the 23.98 timecode problem..?
Hi all.
 well, i tried the AFE workflow to conform film composer sequences at
23.98 and it did work great!!
it Really works!
But now i'm trying to conform a film composer project (35mm) and the
Telecine facility can't output the Online HDCAMs at 23.98p with the same
correspondent time code that they did with the Analog Betacams(29.97
with pulldown).
I mean, if we get an analog betacam at 01:03:02:00 (29.97i)  we should
get an HDCAm at 01:03:02:00 (23.98p) with the same frame! (or at least
kind of it because they are at the :00 frame)
The Problem is:
-the telecine guys are saying that the AATON KEYLINK(kind of a timecode
generator) (at the Telecine-- Cintel C-Reality // Da Vinci 2k) can't
output the same correspondent timecode that was 29.97 to 23.98 HDCAM (or
that they did not know). 
For this reason they're sending me a new timecode and i should go cut by
cut and conform it having the offline as only reference( i mean i'm
going to do it with my eyes not with an EDL or AFE list)
-They can output at 23.98, but not with the correspondent timecode.
-There's a Trick inside the AATON KEYLINK ? Someway i can help them? or
it's just a version of the AATON KEYLINK that really don't do that...
I know nothing about telecine , but if someone in the list could help i
would be really thankfull!!
thanks in advance
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