[tig] More Viper Stuff

Geoff Boyle geoff
Thu Jul 3 06:50:38 BST 2003

> > Well, I'm not sure I'd consider use of an 85 filter to be a 
> "creative"
> decision, but I do know that Geoff Boyle felt it was pretty mandatory 
> with the Viper, based on his tests.

A couple of things here, I tested with everything from nothing to 85B going
through LLD 81EF and 85.

The filtered shots had a greater tolerance to tweaking later, as you would
expect really :-)

The latitude tests that I did, some of those frames are on
www.cinematography.net , showed 9 and 2/3 stops of useable range.

I know that Thomson were/are working on "optimised" filters for daylight and
tungsten. I don't think they realised that people would want to squeeze
every drop of latitude out of the camera.


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