[tig] More Viper Stuff

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Thu Jul 3 07:21:41 BST 2003

Geoff Boyle wrote:

> A couple of things here, I tested with everything from nothing to 85B
through LLD 81EF and 85.

> The filtered shots had a greater tolerance to tweaking later, as you would
expect really :-)

How was the "tweeking" done?  And, what were you looking at?

Did you take the footage, as recorded, through a daVinci/Pogle?.  If so, was
the no-filter version run through a LUT first or did the Colorist try to fix
the offset manually as well as achieve other goals?  If the raw footage was
not put through a LUT first I would expect that the process would suffer
when compared to optically filtered versions.

Also, how was it all monitored?  Most places are setup for 22:11:11 YCbCr.
Of course 22:22:22 YCbCr is also commonplace at higher-end facilities.
Neither one of those, of course, would be of any use as a basis for
comparison, for, as you know, you wouldn't be able to see 75% of the colors
contained within the RGB color space.  What you needed was a monitor/system
capable 22:22:22 RGB ... 12 bit/channel.

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