[tig] backdraft

David L. Tosh dlt
Sun Jul 6 18:30:32 BST 2003

At 2:24 PM +0000 7/4/03, martin wells wrote:
>...we are trying to import hd clips into inferno using backdraft but 
>are having a problem with it kicking out of record after no longer 
>than 2 minutes. is anyone else having these problems? anybody got 
>any ideas?
>we are running davinci 2k plus.

I'm a little rusty on the details of discreet backdraft. Is there any 
actual interaction with the daVinci when you are using backdraft to 
capture clips from a VTR? I had assumed that backdraft controlled the 
VTR via 422 serial link and there should be no interaction with the 

Are you capturing video in 24P format or something else? If you are 
capturing 25P or 50i clips, remember that those formats result in a 
higher bandwidth to storage than 24P. If your drives can't keep up, 
you may see the effects of slowly running out of buffer space and 
having the system stop at that point.


David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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