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Stuart Monksfield smonksfield
Sun Jul 6 23:34:51 BST 2003

Hi Martin,

We use our Backdraft as both a 'controller' and in 'VTR emulation' mode.
Both modes work well, without dropping frames. This has not always been the
case, but since V4.6 we have not had any major problems in this respect.

We regularly get it to talk to HDCAM and HD-D5 decks, and capture mainly
23.98PsF and some 50i at 4:2:2
We also put it into VTR emulation mode quite regularly, driven by the
daVinci 2K, and capture 23.98PsF at 4:4:4

When we have had troubles, it has usually been related to Reference. We find
the best results are when you leave it to reference from the Digital Video
I/P. It does not like having its input disconnected, patched, router xpt
changed, fed a 50i signal when set for 23.98PsF etc., and this will often
mean a full re-boot is required. This may be partially due to the Miranda
de-serialisers ?

To get the emulation mode working you need to make the special cable as per
the Backdraft Manual.

All we want from Discreet now is 10-bit capture, which we understand is
coming at the end of this calendar year.

Stuart Monksfield
Cutting Edge Post
Brisbane, Australia

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hi all,

we are trying to import hd clips into inferno using backdraft but are having
a problem with it kicking out of record after no longer than 2 minutes. is
anyone else having these problems? anybody got any ideas?
we are running davinci 2k plus.

any help would be appreciated

martin wells
stockholm post production

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