[tig] DI Database

Steve Hullfish steve.hullfish
Mon Jul 7 14:40:13 BST 2003

Here's a partial list, but no equipment/workflow

The Cell (partial DI)
O Brother Where art Thou   (Julius Friede, senior colorist)
Lord of the Rings II (also, maybe I)
Panic Room  (Stephen Nakamura, colorist, Technique)

I know there are a lot more, somebody's booth at NAB was ringed with
about a dozen movie posters that were all DI.

>  Is there a Digital Intermediate database anywhere in the World that
> lists DI movies? If there is I've missed it.I feel a database listing
> original acquisition format and ratio, type of scanner or telecine
> machine, grading system, film out recorder etc would be very
> interesting.
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