[tig] digital cable compression

Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Mon Jul 7 16:07:57 BST 2003

I just recently got "digital cable" from Comcast in Boston.  It even includes 4 HD channels: NBC & ABC affiliates, HD HBO & HD Showtime via a Motorola set-top box.  They're even passing along the 5.1 audio for both the HD and SD programming that have it via either coax or optical outs...  The HD does indeed look rather good on my 4:3 36" Sony WEGA at 1080i.  The SD stuff seems to be VERY compressed.  All transition disolves look horendous for example.  How low will they go??

So, COMPRESSION is my query...

Are any "content providers" (studio, network, etc.) actually (or even able to) specify a MINIMUM compression quality (ie a MAXIMUM compression) to the cable and/or satellite folks??  After all this hard work we put in, is there any attempt to prevent these folks from compressing their imagery so heavily??  I know we've had to tolerate the analogue NTSC artifacts all along, but I wonder if anyone has been able to "require" more preservation of their image quality through the digital transmission infrastructures?

Perhaps Mike Most has an opinion...

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston
greg.dildine at finishedit.com

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