[tig] backdraft

David L. Tosh dlt
Mon Jul 7 16:15:26 BST 2003

At 2:57 PM +0000 7/7/03, martin wells wrote:
>we are using backdraft as a vtr. it is being controlled by the davinci 2k.

Try disconnecting the serial cable to the discreet backdraft (via 
patch or router) just after the daVinci has put the application into 
record. There is really nothing that "should" be required of the 
controller to keep the recording going. This would eliminate a 
spurious stop command from the daVinci as a possible cause of the 
system's dropping out.

It is most likely that the application takes itself out of record due 
to some condition. Does backdraft receive a separate longitudinal 
timecode connection while recording? If so, many systems are 
sensitive to LTC dropouts and phase errors-- troubleshoot with a 
timecode analyzer.

These thoughts are purely speculative, I don't have access to a 
backdraft system to cross-check. Feel free to jump in if you do ;-)


David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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