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Christopher Noellert chris
Mon Jul 7 16:55:33 BST 2003

On 7/7/03 16:57, "martin wells" <colourblonde at hotmail.com> wrote:

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> we are using backdraft as a vtr. it is being controlled by the davinci 2k.
> as i said we are running inferno version 4.7.2 and backdraft version 5.0.2
> the problem we are having is that it will record for no more than 2 minutes
> but its pretty arbitrary. 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 2 minutes. no rhyme or
> reason to it.
> we are having no problems when inputting hd directly into the inferno.
> has anyone else been experiencing the same problems?
> thanks
> martin wells
> stockholm post production
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Hi Martin,

It could be a horde of different issues.  When backdraft kicks you out of
record during vtr emulation does it give any kind of error?  When you say
kicks you out does that mean the screen goes blank and you're at the login
screen or does that mean that instead of the green highlight on the tc
display it goes grey?  What does the console report?

You're running an Onyx2 with XTHD for both the Inferno and Backdraft -
they're on the same machine correct?  Do you have 625 sync plugged into the
Divo for PAL IO and tri-level plugged in the XTHD from the Spirit?  Or are
you running one sync loop through all of the cards to the gfx?  You might
try unplugging the 625 sync from DIVO and run a loop of TRI-level through
the XTHD to gfx and then through the baseio terminating there and leave the
DIVO out of the equation for starters.  What happens if you run no sync in
to XTHD and in engineering menu in backdraft set the sync source to
digital-in? Which brings me to my next set of questions...

What are your engineering setups in backdraft?  Do you have the timing
standards and sync source set correctly to what you're doing?  Sync should
be set to tri-level and whichever timing standard you're trying to record
in.  You timing standard should be set according also.   Do they match that
of Inferno? Have you tried manually killing the videod before going into vtr
emul. mode and letting backdraft init the demon itself when starting up?  If
you type ps -ef do you see multiple versions of the videod running or just
one?  Since you say you can input in Inferno you probably don't need to run
XTHD confidence, but it wouldn't hurt...

I can say that during the Backdraft beta there were a lot of issues
regarding vtr emulation if the config isn't right (as in perfect) and the
difficulty doubled when plugging in a 2K.   I think you'll get more coherent
answers and far less questions) if you talk to Vince and Discreet.  I don't
know if he reads here but you can catch him on Flame-News.  My gut impulse
would be the sync issues.  Give it a couple bashes with no genlock in the
XTHD and with sync to digital in engineering.  See where that lands you.
Run backdraft alone... Don't have Inferno or anything else knocking around
in the background.  Otherwise check the serial cable that you have going in
the Onyx in what, the fourth port maybe?  If the pin out is wrong it could
cause the problem you're seeing.  Have you tried running a cable directly
from the Spirit to the Onyx (Long way maybe) without going through the
router?  Could be something like that as well.

... regardless you can always use data in the interim.  Not as fast but
better color.  Maybe 5fps isn't all that fun though.

Say hello to the rest of the guys for me and all the best,


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