[tig] Internal TLC with assistant station

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Wed Jul 9 10:55:12 BST 2003

The Aaton InDaw application has the ability to operate as a slave to the TLC
(although in the UK, we sync after the TK is finished - MUCH quicker!). If
you still have to sync in TK, then you can use the InDaw as a *smart DAT*.

If Dave sends me a couple of plane tickets, I'm sure Aaton might loan me a
machine for a demo ;-)

Have a look here... http://www.aaton.com/products/postprod/indaw/ 

I have three InDaw systems here. Our overnight throughput has increased
threefold since using InDaw.

Disclaimer. Aaton produce good kit. I use them because they are good. No
amount of bribery would make me use anything else!

Just thought I'd be a bit different!

Jeff Booth
Soho Images

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On 7/8/03 6:48 PM, "Dave Pickett" <dave at retinasf.com> wrote:

> I have been using the 2K plus internal/workstation TLC for almost two
> now.  It has quite a few known bugs but the one that is the most upsetting
> me 
> is the inablility to sync with a PCM-7050 DAT.  It takes exactly three
> to lock 
> the DAT as a rule and instantly locks on the random one.  The DAT menu
> settings seem true.  Reference is fine, sync PB is disabled, etc.   Does
> anyone 
> else have any ideas?

As far as I know, the Sony PCM-7010/7030/7040/7050 DAT decks are all about
the same in terms of syncing ability in telecine.

Quite some time back, when I occasionally had to use a 7040 to sync for
dailies, I had to drop in a TLC Park trim of at least -1 or -2 in order to
"kick" the DAT to respond properly for accurate syncing.  I believe we also
had to designate the DAT deck as having BVU protocol, if memory serves.
Once I did all that, I could usually rely on a 6-second preroll about 98% of
the time, except when the audio guy didn't give us enough roll-up prior to
the slate.

If that doesn't do it, then there might be an issue within the internal 2K
TLC.  Gary Adams is generally very quick to respond to sync issues via Email
or phone.

In an extreme emergency, you could always just pre-lay the DAT audio to
videotape, then drop in the picture as a video-only insert afterwards.  We
occasionally got in problematic DAT tapes that didn't want to lock up any
other way at Complete Post, and that's generally how I solved that problem.
It's a sledgehammer approach, and it won't make logging dailies easier, but
it will get the job done.

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite Digital Imaging
  Hollywood, USA

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