[tig] Internal TLC with assistant station

jeffh jeffh
Wed Jul 9 18:12:10 BST 2003

The first thing that we do at my facility with ANY problem element is ensure that the time code is in fact good code.  I would like to assume you have done this with a distripalyzer (or something similair), but I can't be sure.  Your comment about it taking exactly three edits to lock points to it NOT being the tc, however, I got confused with "locks on the random one" - not sure what you meant there.

If the tc is in fact good and it is resolved to the correct bit (people many times underestimate how important this is, and the tolerences of various systems if it is not), then there are two settings on the DAT machine to check.  First, re-chase needs to be on, and then there is sync nrr (sync narrow).  The second probably won't make a difference; turning this off enables you to varispeed, as in 29.97 > 30, PAL > NTSC, etc, and probably will not effect the machine's locking/chasing ability.  But you can give that a shot and see if it helps.

Furthermore, I have found that power-cycling the TLC helps alot when it feels like acting stupid.  I remember about three months ago, I was trying to sync film and a video, and watched as the video deck refused to lock, as the film did in fact lock (OMG!), even with 30 seconds of pre-roll.  Denying the TLC's quest for juice for about 10 seconds resolved that issue; after power-up, the edit worked the FIRST time with my almost-always-faithful pre-roll of five seconds.

Good luck!

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