[tig] Noise Reducer problem

jeffh jeffh
Wed Jul 9 21:45:47 BST 2003

Hello...I am using a BTS MNR 11 with a Quadra FDL and daVinci 888.  From time to time, I get these horizontal glitches/noise/dots/lines/whatever-else-you-want-to-call-them appearing in the signal path; this is definitely not a problem with the telecine or color-corrector - it is the NR.  We called BTS (now apparently GV) and the tech over there says it is a temperature issue; there are these Sony modules which are used with each of the boards in the NR; when they get too hot this problem occurs.  Apparently this is a known problem; it seems as if we are not by any means the first to experience this.  We were told to make sure the NR is kept cool; we are subsequently putting in place a panel of fans to see if this alleviates the problem by keeping the NR temperature down.

I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that has/had an MNR 11, and if anyone has seen this before, and what, if anything was done to help the situation.  

Thanks much in advance.

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