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hi could you please post this on the tig for me
i thing i am posting to the wrong address..

 Hi there

If anyone is working on a DI Database......

Digital Film Lab - Copenhagen/London  (formerly The Warehouse & Destiny-601
in Copenhagen) have utilized the DI process on over 45 feature films.  Most
all (except a few ) of these features have undergone the COMPLETE  DI
process from start to finish, including the world's first entirely DI (from
film-originated) feature entitled "Zingo" in 1998.   Should anyone know of
an earlier film completed entirely as DI, kindly share with the TIG

Below is a list of what we have done at Digitalfilmlab Copenhagen and

any questions please Email

                                            Kris at digitalfilmlab.com

                                            lars at digitalfilmlab.com

Best Regards

Lars Palmqvist

Digital Film Lab - Copenhagen




"Underworld" In Production

"Calcium Kid" (Feature, S16mm to 35mm 1:85.1,  Dir. Alex De Rakoff, Working
Title Films)

"The Watergiant" In Production (Feature, 35mm to 35mm, 1.1.85, Dir. John
Henderson, Barry Films/MBP)

"Jericho Mansions" (Feature, 35mm to 35mm, 1:85.1, Dir. Alberto Sciamma,
Spice Factory)

"Don't Look Back" (Feature 35mm, 1:85.1, Dir Nick Sherard, DoP, Merrit Gold,
New Forrest Pictures)

"Nine Lives" (Feature, 16mm to 35mm, 1:1,85, Dir. Andrew Green, Nine Lives

"American Cousins" (Feature, 16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85,Dir. Donald Coutts,
American Cousins Ltd.)

"Conspiracy of Silence" (Feature, s35mm to DigitalScope, 1: 2.35., Dir. John
Deery, Conspiracy of Silence Ltd.)

"Nine Dead Gay Guys" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:85.1. Dir. Lab Ky Mo, Little
Wing Films Ltd.)

"Devil's Gate" (Feature S16mm to 35mm, 1:85.1 Dir. Stuart St Paul, Alchemist

"Sherlock Holmes" (Feature Film Digi-Beta to 35mm, BBC Drama)

"Two Men Went to War" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. John Henderson.
Little Wing Films Ltd.)

"Intended" (Feature, DV to 35mm, 1.1.85. Dir. Kristian Levring, Project
Inc-Parrallax Pictures)

"Revengers Tragedy" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. Alex Cox,
Exterminating Angel)

"The Magdalene Sisters" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85.  Dir. Peter Mullan.
PFP films Ltd.), Golden Lion at Venice International Film Festival 2002.

"Wanted" (Feature, s16mm + DV elem. to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. Kim Hopkins,
Footprint Films Ltd.)

"Bloody Sunday" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. Paul Greengrass,
Granada film), Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival 2002.

"Hotel" (Feature, video to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. Mike Figgis, Red Mullet)

"Phoenix Blue" (Feature, s35mm to DigitalScope, 1:2.35. Dir. Tony Maylam,
Jimmi Fizz Productions)

"Last Orders" (Feature, s35mm to DigitalScope, 1:2.35. Dir. Fred Schepisi,
Scala Prod)

"Tomb Raider" (End sequence on Feature, total 8 min. s35mm to 1:2.40. Dir.
Simon West, Paramount UK)

"Mad Dogs" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. Almed Jamal, Roaring Mice

"Rat" (Feature, 35mm to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. Steve Barron, Universal/Jim

"Lava" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85. Dir. Jim Tucker, Sterling Pictures)

"Wisconsin Death Trip" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85 (B/W and colour) Dir.
James Marsh, HBO/BBC)


"Lejekontrakten" In Production (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1,85, Dir. Peter
Ringg?rd,  Waterfront)

"De Gr?nne Slagtere" (Feature, s35mm to DigitalScope, 1:1,85, Dir. Anders
Thomas Jensen, M&M    Productions)

"Skagerak" (Feature, S16mm to DigitalScope, 1:1.85, Dir. S?ren Kragh
Jacobsen, Nimbus Film)

"Gamle m?nd I nye biler"/"Old Men in New Cars"  (Feature, 35mm to 35mm,
1:1.85, Dir. Lasse Spang Olsen, Thura Film), Digi at Award, Film Fest Hamburg

"Hallalabad Blues" (Feature, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. Helle Ryslinge, Bech

"Polle Fiction" (Feature, s16mm to 35mm, 1:1.66, Dir. S?ren Fauli,

"Okay" (Feature, S16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85, Dir. Jesper W. Nielsen, Peter Bech

"Jolly Roger" (Feature, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. Lasse Spang Olsen, M&M
Productions), Danish Film Academy awarded a Robert for Best Effects 2002

 "Blinkende Lygter"(Feature, S35mm to DigitalScope 1:2.35, Dir. Anders
Thomas Jensen, M&M Productions),

"In China They Eat Dogs"(Feature, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. Lasse Spang
Olsen, Herdel & Co),


"Hotet" In Production (Feature, 35mm 3.perf to 1.1.85, Falken Film)

"H?nden p? hjertet"/ "Once in a lifetime" (Feature, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85,
Dir. Susanne Bier, Nordisk Film),

"Dubbel 8"(Feature, S35mm to DigitalScope 1:2.35 ,Dir. Daniell Fridel,
Bjerking Produktion),

"Zingo" (Feature, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. C. Wegner, St?remose Film)


"Svidd Neger"(Feature, Dv cam to DigitalScope 1:2,35, Dir. Erik Smith Meyer,

"Music for Wedding and Funerals" (Feature, S35mm to DigitalScope 1:2.35,
Dir. Unni Straume, Christiania Film)

"?yenstikker"/"Dragonfly" (Feature, S16mm to DigitalScope 1:2.35, Dir.
Marius Holst, Motlys),

"Mongoland" (Feature, S16mm to 35mm, 1:1.85, Dir. Arild ?stin, Deadline
Film/Muz AS),

"Detektor"(Feature, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. P?l Jackmann, Christiania


"Echo"(Feature, 35mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. Gian D'Ornellas, Echo Film


"Tango Cabaret" (Feature, S35mm to DigitalScope 1:2.35, Dir. Pekka Lehto,
Mattila & R?hr Production)


 "Honolulu Baby" (Feature, S35mm to DigitalScope, 1:2.35, Dir. Maurizio
Nichetti, CIDIF/RAI Trade)


"Vizontele" (Feature, 35 mm to 35mm, 1:1.85, Dir. Yilmaz Erdogan & Omer
Faruk Sarak, BKM - Istanbul)


"Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi/Friends Wedding" (Sections 1.2.35 to DigitalScope, Dir.
Sanjay Gadhvi, Yash Raj Films)

"Mujhse Dosti Karoge/Be My Friend" (Sections 1.2.35 to DigitalScope, Dir.
Rajiv Rai, Yash Raj Films)

"Pyar, Ishg, Aur Mohabbat/LoveLoveLove" (Sections 1.2.35 to DigitalScope,
Dir. Rajiv Rai, Trimuti Films )

"Agni Varsha/Fire Rain" (Sections 1.2.35 to DigitalScope, Arjun Sajnani,
iDream Productions )

"Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham" (Sections 1:2.35 to DigitalScope, Dir. Karan
Johar, Dharma Productions)

"Lagaan" (Sections 1:2.35 to DigitalScope, Written/Dir. by Ashutosh
Gowariker , Aamir Khan Productions)



"Fishy" (Short, s35mm to 35mm, 1.85.1, Dir. Deva Palmier, Deva Films)

"When the Morning Comes" (Short, 35mm anamorphic to 35mm, 1:2.35, Dir. Erica
Dunton, Rapid Eye Productions)

"What Larry says" (Short, s35mm to 35mm, Dir Rob Fox, Platypus Pictures)

"Eddie Loves Mary" (Short, 35mm to 35mm, Dir. Hannah Rothschild)

"Danny and His Amazing Teeth" (Short, 35mm to 35mm, Dir. Rachel Mathews,
Ipso Facto Films)

"I have a Dream" (Short, 35mm to35mm, Dir. Zak Ove)

"The Separation" (Short, 35mm stop frame animation to 35mm, 1:1.85, Dir: Rob
Morgan, Animus Films)

"About a Girl" (Short, s16mm to 35mm, Dir.Brian Percival, Silver Films),
Awarded Best Short Film at BAFTA 2002

"Bubbles" (Short, 35mm to 35mm, Dir. Mike Southon, First Foot Films)

"Elevator" (Short, 35mm to 35mm, 1:1.85, Dir. Alrick Riley, Tiger Lilly

"Wilfred" (Short, 35mm to 35mm, 1:1.85, Dir. Peter Kershaw, Duchy Films)

"In Absentia" (Short, S35mm to DigitalScope, Dir. Quay Brothers, Konnick


"Pagten" (Short s 16mm to 35mm, Dir. Heidi Maria Faisst, Elise Lund

"Mellem Os" (Short s 16mm to 35mm, Dir.Lauritz Munch-Petersen, Emilie

"Cirkustur" (Short s16mm to 35mm, Dir. Michael Warming, Filmforsyningen)

"Tyren" (Short, s16mm to 35mm, Dir. Julie Bille, Radiator Film)

"Der er en yndig mand"/ This Charming Man (Short, s16mm to 35mm, Dir. Martin
Strange Hansen, M&M Productions), Academy Award for Best live action Short
Film 2003

"Tr?kfugle" (Short, Digibeta to 35mm 1:1.78, Dir. Vibeke Muasya, M&M

"Going Back Home"(Short, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.66, Dir. Michael W. Horsten, ASA
Film Production),

"Udenfor"(Short, S16 to DigitalScope 1:2.35, Dir. H.F. Wullenweber, Nimbus


"Aurora Borealis" (Short, S16mm to 35mm 1:1:85, Dir. Lisbeth Dreyer, Bergen

"Makronstang" (Short, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. Magnus Waal, Waal

"Fast Forward"(Short, S16mm to 35mm 1:1.85, Dir. Morten Tyldum, Ice Film)


"K?benhavn ved Nat"/"Copenhagen by Night" (Short Film, 1910, B/W nitrate
dupe neg to digitally tinted colour Intermediate, 35mm Academy) For Danish
Film Institute

"Nedbrudte Nerver"/"The Hill Park Mystery" (Feature, 1923, B/W nitrate
camera neg to B/W intermediate, 35mm Academy) For Danish Film Institute

"Der Var Engang"/"Once Upon a Time" (Feature, 1922, Dir. Carl Th. Dreyer,
B/W dupe pos to B/W intermediate, 35mm Academy) For Danish Film Institute

"Musica Eterna" (Philips Commercial, 1951? Eastman Color print to Colour
intermediate, 35mm Academy) For Nederland Film Museum

"Zeemansvrouwen" (Feature, 1930, B/W wetgate Fine Grain pos to B/W
intermediate, 35mm Academy) For Nederlands Film Museum


"Everybody's Business" (Short, 1917, B/W acetate dupe negative to digitally
tinted colour intermediate, 35mm  Academy) For The Imperial War Museum

"A Womans Portion", In Production (Short, 1917, B/W acetate dupe pos to
digitally tinted colour intermediate, 35mm  Academy) For The Imperial War

"Calypso" (Short, 1956, by Margaret Tait, Hand painted colour pos to colour
intermediate, 35mm Academy) With NFTVA for Scottish Screen


"Per un pugno di dollari"/"A Fistful of Dollars" (Feature, 1964, Dir: Sergio
Leone, colour IP to colour digital intermediate. Image repair on Inferno and
Diamant) for Ripley's Film Srl, Rome

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