[tig] HDcam help sought from Sony

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Jul 10 19:44:00 BST 2003

I'm working on an HDcam machine outside of the US and this
machine is exhibiting field-motion artifacts, similar to an
interpolation problem.  The effect occurs both on recordings
and when previewing E/E through the machine.  The source
video is free of artifacts.

The video feeding the HDcam is 59.94 1080i and the HDcam is
being fed the same tri-level reference as the incoming
video.  It appears to us not to be a reference problem but a
problem with the HDcam itself, internally.  Can someone
refer me to a knowledgeable Sony engineer?

thanks in advance 
--Rob Lingelbach
Colorist - unix sysadm - tig creator-admin

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