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 No, my email subject does not mean I'm happy because I've just discovered
 I'm afraid is a bit more complex. I also think this is rather going to be a
question for
 A person who collaborates with our company has equipment from an HD mobile
 which was done more than 10 years ago when European Community was
 an HDTV standard, it was called Eureka standard or Eureka project, I'm not
very sure
 about this.
 His problem is that all inputs and outputs of these equipments are
RGB -analog- and
 this standard is not exactly as any of existing HD standards, I only know
it has 1250
 lines but I do not know how many are active neither which is their width.
Because of this
 he can not record his signal on any of nowadays DDRs or VTRs because they
all have
 just HDSDI input. We have found AJA has some RGB (or YPbPr) to HDSDI AD
 but it is not sure if they would accept his equipment standard.
 We suppose there are more of these equipments around Europe. Has anybody
work with
 them? has anybody found an RGB to HDSDI converter which allows recording
their signal
 into todays VTRs or DDRs?

 Thanks in advance.

 Have a nice weekend.

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