[tig] ITK millenium, keylink, puck slippage

jp jp
Wed Jul 16 15:13:37 BST 2003

2003-07-16 ?Abraham Treadwell? <atreadwell at oktobor.com>

> Hi, our aaton keylink reader randomly gives the error 'reel has been unloaded,
> please exit'. i'm wondering if this could be related to puck slippage, or if
> anyone out there has experienced the same issue? we also need to make a d/a
> with the correct clamping for the 2:3 seq but this error happens in PAL also,
> so i don't think they're related.

Hello Abe,
Here is a text sent by the Keylink designer.
Best regards,  

'Exit, Exit' appears when Keylink reads the same keycode values
on two different positions of the 'film line' defined by the
biphase counter. In 35mm, one perf discrepancy is enough to
trigger this warning.

- the film has been unloaded or reframed by one perf or more
(seems not to be your case).
- the white dot measuring the biphase/video phasing which shows
in the video phase pie comes out of the green section of the pie.
(is your telecine on 'external sync'? it must be)

-  there is a problem with the metaspeed biphase generator
of the ITK telecine.
(do you have the latest version of the millenium-metaspeed
control software?)

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