[tig] MNR-11 problem, continued

jeffh jeffh
Wed Jul 16 16:25:47 BST 2003

Thanks much to all that responded, and especially
you to those that offered to mail me parts...
LOL...I appreciate that. :-) 

The responses I received seemed to be based on
trying to alleviate the temperature problem by
keeping the chip cool. Ok, makes sense, but
here is the real problem (as I understand it):
there are many chips - not just one. They are the
serializer chips made by Sony, and there is at
least one (if not more) on every board. Apparently,
regardless of whether the signal enters the NR serial
or parallel, the actual noise reduction is done in
the parallel domain, while the signal passing from
board to board is serial. So, you go in however
you go in, and the signal is processed on one board
parallel, and then gets converted to serial in
order to go to the next board, gets converted back
to parallel, gets processed, gets converted to serial
go to the next board, etc. This is done via the
serializer chips, and those are the ones that get too
hot and cause the noise problem. So,although the heat
sink/installing and hanging converters/etc. ideas are
good ones, at this point it seems futile to attempt any
these things due to the magnitude of the work inolved.
So, we are sticking with our fan theory to try and keep
the NR cool enough; hopefully this will work. 

Just putting this info out there for anyone who might need it.


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