[tig] ITK millenium, keylink, puck slippage

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thankyou all for the tips, it's fantastic to be able to put a question out
there and get so many helpful responses.

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Many, many hours of dealing with this problem mean I can offer the following


1.	Make sure there is nothing else connected to the biphase output of
the Millenium. I had to build a simple biphase distribution amplifier, which
was based on the 7667 driver IC. It pulls hard up to 5v and hard down to
ground for each cycle. This also ensures no pulses are dropped if the
transport stops and then changes direction. 

2.	Keep the Capstan Puck clean (It is a pain-but cleaning almost every
roll can be necessary) 

3.	Check the MetaSpeed acceleration. A low figure (usually around 20
for 35mm and 18 for 16mm) ensures reliable editing and no phase errors. 

4.	Check the spool acceleration. This is in an ITK-added MetaSpeed Menu
(CTRL-A If memory serves). The tension arms should hardly move on ramp-up. 

5.	Does your Millenium have the film roller to the right of the gate at
the same height (symmetrical) to the one on the left? There is a modified
roller bracket which lowers this roller to increase wrap around the Capstan

6.	Check for latest MetaSpeed software 

7.	Simple one, make sure the gate guides are free-sprung and not loose
in any direction. I have found guides which can catch the film edge when



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