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Dean Humphus dhumphus
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I have also done this where the cleaner was in the "clean room" with a
Spirit.  If it is a Lipsner-Smith non-emersion type like the 1100, the
unit has a provision to ventilate the enclosure where the film runs.  As
long as the vent tube is completely sealed and forced-air vented to the
outside air, there should be no hazard.  Remember, the unit is designed
to work with alcohol and as such is designed to not pose an explosion
danger.  The reason for venting to outside air is, primarily, for the
comfort of the operator.  


Disclaimer.always check with the manufacturer.


Dean Humphus



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Hello out there in picture land -



I have a question about alcohol based film cleaners. We have a Lipsner
Smith alcohol based film cleaner ( I forget which model ). I would like
to move it into the same room as the "clean room" the Spirit is in.
However, some paranoia has ensued about xenon bulbs and flammability and
the general boy notion of blowing things up. I know of some companies
even here in Chicago placing these both in the same room -- but I would
love to hear from some others. Any worries?  Any fun anecdotes about
blowing things up? Any funny anecdotes about anything other than the old




Thanks in advance --



Craig Leffel




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