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S. T. Nottingham nottinghams
Fri Jul 25 01:28:30 BST 2003


If it is the same "light struck" stock I am familiar with, it is unprocessed
black and white raw film stock. It has a creamy white look to it when it is
new, but darkens with age and also exposure to light. It was often used as
film leader because - believe it or not - it was cheaper that real film
leader. I don't know if that is still the case because clear processor
leader seems to have replaced it. If processed with the lights on, it turns
jet back, and then is used in editing A and B rolls.

Tom Nottingham

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I like to use as leader on rolls of negative "light-struck"
film, which is the term i used to use to order it.  It is
grayish-white acetate film that behaves nicely in use for
leader on negative.  Could someone enlighten me about how it
is made and from what base stock?

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