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Rob Lingelbach asked:

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From: Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org>
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Subject: [tig] light-struck

I like to use as leader on rolls of negative "light-struck"
film, which is the term i used to use to order it.  It is
grayish-white acetate film that behaves nicely in use for
leader on negative.  Could someone enlighten me about how it
is made and from what base stock?

thanks in advance
Rob Lingelbach
colorist, tig coadmin, etc.


"Light Struck" leader usually refers to unprocessed EASTMAN Fine Grain 
Release Positive Film 5302.  The emulsion is a cream color, and slowly 
darkens with exposure to intense light.  Many like it because it is an 
actual film product with carefully controlled finishing parameters.  But 
being a print film, it normally has print film perfs and is long pitch.


Here is the ESTAR base version:


Kodak subsidiary FPC also carries a full line of leaders:


Hope this helps.

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