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On 7/24/03 12:30 PM, "Craig Leffel" <craig at opt1mus.com> wrote on the TIG

> I have a question about alcohol based film cleaners. We have a Lipsner 
> alcohol based film cleaner ( I forget which model ). I would like to 
move it
> into the same room as the "clean room" the Spirit is in.

That doesn't sound like a very wise idea to me, Craig.  Most film cleaners
release a certain amount of chemicals in the air, and I can't believe the
residue will do delicate circuit boards any good (particularly in a
sensitive beast like the Spirit).

Ditto with human lungs.  I say keep the cleaner in a broom closet down the
hall -- preferably one well-ventilated and away from people.  In fact, for
all I know, it may be against OSHA regulations to have a film cleaner in a
place so close to humans.

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite Digital Imaging
  Hollywood, USA

John Pytlak adds:

The Kodak website has information about solvent film cleaning, and about 
Perchloroethylene,  one of the most commonly used solvents for ultrasonic 



As noted, most solvents are either quite flammable or potentially 
hazardous to health if handled or disposed of improperly.

Don't forget that Kodak PTRs are very effective on particulate dirt, and 
don't require solvents:


(I was the leader of the Kodak team that developed PTR film cleaning 
technology, that just won the 2003 EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection 

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