[tig] Film Cleaners (solvents) and PTR -Naptha

Craig Nichols cnichols
Fri Jul 25 22:03:06 BST 2003

John Pytlak adds:

The Kodak website has information about solvent film cleaning, <snip>


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Naptha type cleaning
fluids listed by Kodak (tested by Lipsner) on the link above?  They are
listed as excellent on cleaning and low cost, but they combustible.  I would
not encourage anyone to use cleaning materials that have a combustion
potential next to, or in, an expensive telecine bay. I was wondering what
cleaning machines would use the Naptha based cleaners, and would the cost to
build a suitable fire resistant cleaning area, and to provide insurance, be
more than continuing to purchase HFE 8200? We have had very good luck with
the HFE 8200 cleaning fluid, but it is not inexpensive.  It is nice not to
have to make a hazardous material shipping manifests like we had to do with
Perchloroethylene, and I don't feel obsessed to hold my breath when in the
cleaning area like I used to. ;-)

insert standard gas mask and disclaimer here....

Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Management Services 

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