[tig] Digibeta NTSC/PAL Mod

Craig Nichols craig_nichols
Sat Jul 26 23:45:33 BST 2003


1. The website you want is: http://www.dualdigi.com/
2. The mod is very stable and reliable.

Disclaimer:  I receive no compensation from Dualdigi.

Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Management services.

--- Alex Pimentel <alex at diana.com.br> wrote:
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> http://tig.colorist.org.
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> Hi All,
> I am sorry to bother once more with this question
> (that I have seen
> a couple of times on the list) but:
> 1) Does anyone can tell me the name of the company
> (web address,
> tel, e-mail, etc..) that does the mod for digibeta
> to be dual standard?
> 2) Does anyone on the list use this modification and
> can tell by
> experience if it is reliable?
> Regards.
> Alex Pimentel
> Casablanca Finish
> Sao Paulo Brasil
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