[tig] Digibeta NTSC/PAL Mod

Bill Topazio btopazio
Mon Jul 28 16:47:43 BST 2003

I have heard this mod will void any Sony warranty, and also that Sony will
not touch one of these modified machines.  In other words, only the MSE
folks can service it.  Anybody know if this is true?  And if they're the
only ones who can service it, better take a look at what they do for fun on
the weekend :-) ... http://www.dualdigi.com/2k2air.jpg

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> From: Craig Nichols [mailto:craig_nichols at yahoo.com]
> Alex,
> 1. The website you want is: http://www.dualdigi.com/
> 2. The mod is very stable and reliable.
> Disclaimer:  I receive no compensation from Dualdigi.
> Craig Nichols
> Ascent Media Management services.

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