[tig] Digibeta NTSC/PAL Mod

Carson Leistikow carson
Mon Jul 28 19:45:09 BST 2003

  You can remove the "mod" by removing the modified boards and installing 
unmodified boards. The deck will then perform as an unmodified deck.  If an 
unmodified machine is made available to Sony they will service it.  If the 
problem is with the modified board  the company offering the modification 
supports the product very well.

The modification is easy to bypass and Sony has always been fair in 
supporting their product. They do reserve the right to void  warranties if 
the product has been changed, modified or used for any other function than 
what it was designed for.

Though I do not own such a modified deck I have researched this mod and the 
company and found them to be excellent. At this time it is better for us to 
rent the PAL Digibetacam.  I always try to rent the dualdigi decks so we 
can switch formats as needed.

If I needed a PAL/NTSC Digibeta  I would  purchase a good, newer, used 
deck  and have it updated, serviced and add the dualdigi mod.  Thus no 
warranty to worry about.  You can start with either format and have the mod 
added for the other format.  I have seen many good deals on used PAL 
Digibeta outside the US.

  Actually you can have more warranty problems purchasing a NEW PAL 
Digibetacam in another country have it imported into the US.  Though it is 
new it is outside the Sony USA warranty coverage.

Carson Leistikow
Digital Domain

At 08:47 AM 7/28/03 -0700, Bill Topazio wrote:
>TIG TWiki collaborative project is at http://tig.colorist.org. No 
>contributions received for 31 days but
>thanks to Leila Gaines for the last one.
>I have heard this mod will void any Sony warranty, and also that Sony will
>not touch one of these modified machines.  In other words, only the MSE
>folks can service it.  Anybody know if this is true?  And if they're the
>only ones who can service it, better take a look at what they do for fun on
>the weekend :-) ... http://www.dualdigi.com/2k2air.jpg

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