[tig] Digibeta NTSC/PAL Mod

Carson Leistikow carson
Mon Jul 28 21:17:00 BST 2003

When I researched the mod this was an unresolved issue.  Sony knows about 
the mod but does not know about its internal function.  It has been 
demonstrated that the mod is removable.  If the mod was present they would 
have no knowledge how it integrates with the machine and thus exercise 
their option to void any warranty repairs.

I want to add I have heard unbelievable stories about Sony doing warranty 
repairs on equipment damaged by extremely negligent customers.

Carson Leistikow
Digital Domain

>so if we read closely the above, Carson, it appears that
>Sony will not honor the warranty for a deck that has been
>modified and then unmodified, but that they will service
>such a deck.
>Rob Lingelbach
>colorist, unix admin, tig creator

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