[tig] Context for "Cable Labels"

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Jul 30 16:49:00 BST 2003

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 08:29:38AM -0700, David L. Tosh wrote:

> Booth's request of information about cable colour standards. A branch 
> on that thread (whoa, seriously mixed metaphors) seemed indicated 

which indicates more of the trees of that forest would have
been available if one had only been able to assume root

> when Dan Stark parenthetically asked about cable labeling information 
> density.

as written in the fable:
had he been able to label said cables, the color might have
been sable.

> Be prepared for a few more confusing cross-postings as "reply to all" 
> buttons are abused 'round the world.

yes, it's in the tig etiquette section, the reminder to
double-check the headers.  After what, 15 years of sending
messages via networks I still make mistakes when i'm in a

> And while I'm ranting, there are those 15 (slight exaggeration)  "Out 
> of Office" auto-replies that cluttered up my in box seconds after 
> posting...

thankfully the more well-configured MUAs (mail user agents)
are now detecting which headers of destination addresses
also contain those of mailinglilsts, and will not send the
autoresponse to the list.  Your personal address will not be
immune to such responses, but the better MUAs will allow you
to filter on just about anything, so consider filtering out
the autoreplies.

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