[tig] OT: Siggraph and mass transportation

David L. Tosh dlt
Wed Jul 30 17:38:02 BST 2003

I went to Siggraph in San Diego for a day trip yesterday. What I saw 
in the exhibition was less interesting than the way I traveled.

I got on the Los Angeles MetroRail Gold Line station that is 1.5 
miles from my house. Thirty five minutes later I was at Los Angeles 
Union station where I purchased an Amtrack round trip ticket. I 
arrived in San Diego and walked across the street to board the Red 
Car Trolley line and stepped off in front of the San Diego Convention 

It made for a long day but I was on site from 10:30AM to 5PM and it 
cost less than the amount of fuel required for my truck. And, I 
didn't have to drive. The transit time was comparable to driving with 
no delays (I heard several people who drove LA-SD on Sunday took 
twice as long as normal due to various traffic problems.)

Mass transit in Southern California is still neither pervasive or 
common, but I've a glimpse of how it could be and love it.

David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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