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Wed Jul 30 18:40:21 BST 2003

>> My standard has always been black.

Having worked at a broadcast station as an engineer using a color-code
system, I have to definitely say that they can be very useful.

The color code that was used was (All 1694A):

Black - Composite Video
Green - SDI
White - Reference
Red - Master Control
Yellow - Control Room 1
Orange - Control Room 2

Just having those three colors alone saved some "under-the-gun" decisions.
 The fact that one can look at a DA tray, and if most of the cables are
black, you know that it's a monitoring DA and won't take the facility off
the air if you mess with it... and vice versa.

The PC/MAC war has begun -- but how many others use color codes, and if
so, in what capacity?

Dave Vottero
Boston, MA

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