[tig] Cable Labels and alternate reality

David Tosh dlt
Wed Jul 30 18:52:50 BST 2003

At 10:20 AM 7/30/2003 -0700, Martin Euredjian wrote:
>There is a possible fourth reason:  You are trying to figure out how you
>ended up in the back of a rack holding a cable.  You don't remember the last
>24 hours of your life and hope to hell the cable lable might lend a clue
>that could help bring you back to an alternate reality.

(LOL) I didn't realize you were watching me.

Your cable labeling scheme is reasonable. I try to always have a database 
of cable numbers on line (and reasonably up to date.) In that case, the 
number indexes to the "current" information.

Since the Apple Newton came out, I have been wishing we had a pocket viewer 
connected to the database. Then, given option four, I could drop the cable 
and enter the number into my PDA and know why I was there. (Hmmm, wonder 
how 802.11b/g does when saturated by 27 and 74.25MHz harmonics?)

Cable number/label systems work best when you have one "evangelist" working 
for you who makes it his/her top priority to be correct and up to date. 
Since that can be 60 - 90% of their job, it is really hard to manage that 
in these days of lean and grumpy engineering departments. (Another 
alternate reality.)

David Tosh <dlt at earthlink.net>

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