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Philip Mendelson pmendelson
Wed Jul 30 18:54:34 BST 2003

I've favored the following approach:

Color coding the cables...the scheme is relatively unimportant, as long as
one has reasonable confidence that the manufacturer(s) will continue to make
the stuff in the colors you want.
Then, using the EIA code, the color code is encoded into the cable number.
To expand on Martin's scheme:

"<DwgCode> - <1 Digit ColorCode> - <4 Digit incrementing number>"
This keys the install folks what color cable to use and verify.
The cable label would include (1)the above code, (2)A location code (such as
"MR-RKF03"), (3)From: (i.e. DA32-5), (4)To: (same)

For smaller diameter cables, the location code is the first to go, From and
To are next.

I ALWAYS generate the same label for both ends.

(By the way, I'm kinda partial to Orange for HD-SDI HiDef....don't know


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>> My standard has always been black.

Having worked at a broadcast station as an engineer using a color-code
system, I have to definitely say that they can be very useful.

The color code that was used was (All 1694A):

Black - Composite Video
Green - SDI
White - Reference
Red - Master Control
Yellow - Control Room 1
Orange - Control Room 2

Just having those three colors alone saved some "under-the-gun" decisions.
 The fact that one can look at a DA tray, and if most of the cables are
black, you know that it's a monitoring DA and won't take the facility off
the air if you mess with it... and vice versa.

The PC/MAC war has begun -- but how many others use color codes, and if
so, in what capacity?

Dave Vottero
Boston, MA

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