[tig] Cable Labels and alternate reality

Philip Mendelson pmendelson
Wed Jul 30 19:08:13 BST 2003

One addition to my earlier posting.

The color code is actually a 2 digit code, that combines the EIA color and
the signal type.
This is useful, when the RS422 cable you buy can only be the same color as
the Single pair audio cable you are using, as an example.

It's also quite useful when you are holding 2 blue CAT 5 cables, but one of
them is Ethernet, and the other is, say RS422..or whatever.


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At 10:20 AM 7/30/2003 -0700, Martin Euredjian wrote:
>There is a possible fourth reason:  You are trying to figure out how you
>ended up in the back of a rack holding a cable.  You don't remember the
>24 hours of your life and hope to hell the cable lable might lend a clue
>that could help bring you back to an alternate reality.

(LOL) I didn't realize you were watching me.

Your cable labeling scheme is reasonable. I try to always have a database 
of cable numbers on line (and reasonably up to date.) In that case, the 
number indexes to the "current" information.

Since the Apple Newton came out, I have been wishing we had a pocket viewer 
connected to the database. Then, given option four, I could drop the cable 
and enter the number into my PDA and know why I was there. (Hmmm, wonder 
how 802.11b/g does when saturated by 27 and 74.25MHz harmonics?)

Cable number/label systems work best when you have one "evangelist" working 
for you who makes it his/her top priority to be correct and up to date. 
Since that can be 60 - 90% of their job, it is really hard to manage that 
in these days of lean and grumpy engineering departments. (Another 
alternate reality.)

David Tosh <dlt at earthlink.net>

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