[tig] Re: [Post] HDTV colour

Eric Wenocur eric
Wed Jul 30 02:17:37 BST 2003

I didn't know there was a standard for any colors of cables.  I use 
black for composite video, yellow for SDI, and just started using orange 
for HD-SDI.  I also tend to use purple for AES audio, mostly because 
some of the AES cables I bought once were purple and it stuck!  I've 
seen other companies use other colors...

-- Eric Wenocur
Lab Tech Systems

Jeff Booth wrote:

> Hi - A question asked on behalf of BBC. Has anyone standardised on a cable
> colour for HD cables - just as people use Turquoise and Violet for SD 
> cables
> in installations, is there a consensus colour for HD cables? (cables
> carrying HD signals)
> I was phoned by Keith Mclean of the BBC who asked if ChEFF had any 
> views on
> the matter, we may not have, but it was nice to be asked!! I said I would
> forward any replies to him.
> Regards
> Jeff Booth
> Soho Images
> London

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