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The major networks in the US all use different in-house standards for cable
color coding. However, most affiliate stations do not use their parent
network's color codes.

Generally, analog composite and analog stereo audio are maintained as black
today because that "color" was widely available when analog was the only
signal type flowing through a facility. Today with the availability of a
rainbow of cable colors to pick from, and facilities having a myriad of
analog and digital signals of differing formats intermixed within a hybrid
plant... it is good practice to standardize on a code and stick to it within
your plant. 

Colors like violet are sometimes special orders with long lead-times and
should only be used for cabling with a special, limited purpose - not the
bulk of your SDI or AES cabling scheme. Other considerations would be the
existing color code of data/network cabling within your facility. 

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Hi - A question asked on behalf of BBC. Has anyone standardised on a cable
colour for HD cables - just as people use Turquoise and Violet for SD cables
in installations, is there a consensus colour for HD cables? (cables
carrying HD signals)
I was phoned by Keith Mclean of the BBC who asked if ChEFF had any views on
the matter, we may not have, but it was nice to be asked!! I said I would
forward any replies to him.

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