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Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Wed Jul 30 21:11:13 BST 2003

I agree completely. The various HD/SD facilities (worldwide) are NOT going
to rewire their entire installations just because the SMPTE (or EBU) suggest
or recommend cable colours for each type of signal!

Might have worked if it had been done 30 years ago!

This is a typical BBC proposal (I should know, I worked there for 22 years).
Trying to do things 'their way', thinking everyone else will follow suit
becasue they are 'The BBC'!

 From the huge number of permutations of cable colour everyone has adopted (I
have seen this from the huge number of HPA, TIG and personal e-mails I have
received) I think this is a complete no-hoper.

The only common thing I have seen is to use Red (cable boots) for Red (and
R-Y), Green for Green and Blue for Blue (and B-Y).

Can we stop this now, please.

Jeff (Jesus H Christ! What have I started!) Booth
Soho Images

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I'd be happy to have SMPTE work on this if I felt that there was some
likelyhood of agreement, but the extract from Dave Coopey's e-mail
(below) suggests that those who think it important probably already have
a code - and probably they are all different!

"The major networks in the US all use different in-house standards for
cable color coding. However, most affiliate stations do not use their
parent network's color codes."

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Why not establish a SMPTE Engineering Guideline on such a practice?  It
appears to make sense to do so.

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I also did not know any standards existed.  I have used a 'rainbow' of
colors for different signals depending on the client and job size.  It
sure makes for 'pretty' racks and cable trays.  It certainly does help
in troubleshooting, but generally good labeling and documentation seems
to work well.

How much or little information do you like to see on the labels?  I use
VidCad, and the amount of information available can make for some sore

A quick question- do other engineers like the 'rainbow' approach, or
does black become the 'norm'?

I wonder if those electrons like the different colors we simple humans


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> I didn't know there was a standard for any colors of cables.  I use 
> black for composite video, yellow for SDI, and just started using 
> orange for HD-SDI.  I also tend to use purple for AES audio, mostly 
> because some of the AES cables I bought once were purple and it stuck!

> I've seen other companies use other colors...
> -- Eric Wenocur
> Lab Tech Systems
> Jeff Booth wrote:
> > Hi - A question asked on behalf of BBC. Has anyone standardised
> on a cable
> > colour for HD cables - just as people use Turquoise and Violet for 
> > SD cables in installations, is there a consensus colour for HD 
> > cables? (cables carrying HD signals)
> > I was phoned by Keith Mclean of the BBC who asked if ChEFF had any
> > views on
> > the matter, we may not have, but it was nice to be asked!! I
> said I would
> > forward any replies to him.
> > Regards
> >
> > Jeff Booth
> > Soho Images
> > London

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